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Busy as a "comic creator to" Bee!

Added on by Timothy O'Briant.

What's better then a hundred great comic ideas?  One comic that you've taken to the next level and actually created.  It's a lot of work but isn't that what we're here for!  

Recently I've been trying to finish up the flats for the last couple of pages, and working on lettering.  I'll go into the lettering process on another day but right now I wanted to share how page 3 is coming along.  

As you can see I've been putting in slight gradients over my flats and then using the dodge and burn tool (O) to add in some of the finner shading details.  There is so much more I'd like to do with this page but with the rest of my work load this is all I've been able to get done.  

Tip of the day- Don't let criticisms get you down.  As long as you put your 100% best into your work you can proudly stand and take any criticism that is thrown your way.  Learn from what others say but take pride in your work.  You will only get better!