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Don't work hard, work smart!

Added on by Timothy O'Briant.

I'm still going through all my pages and putting down the flat colors so I thought I'd share another trick that I have learned.  In an earlier post I mentioned that you should start by flatting your background elements and work towards the foreground and today I wanted to show you an example to demonstrate just how much time this can save you.  

In the example above you can see just how carelessly I put down the skin tones on my character.  The reason I can get away with this is because I need to come back over top of the area anyway when I'm adding color to the characters shirt.  There is absolutely no reason why I need to stay underneath the original line art on boarders that I will need to retrace anyway.  

I know it doesn't seem like much but it will save you countless amounts of time in the long run!  

Tip of the day- Back up your work!  It hasn't happened to me yet but I can just imagine what it would feel like to loss all this hard work and time.  Save a copy and store it on another computer or a stand alone hard drive.