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Issue 2 - Brush your shoulders off.

Added on by Timothy O'Briant.

Issue two was a lot of fun, I just graduated from college and I was eager to prove my worth.  I had good intentions even if they were slightly naive.  Anyway after starting on the first couple of pages I decided to stop inking with a fixed tip pen.  I was really starting to love the look of brush work.  There's something magical about the line work you can do with a brush and in comparison it made my pen work look lifeless.  So, I redrew the first handful of pages and started inking with my new brushes.  Only problem, I had never used a brush before!  It turned out to be one of the best problems to have because it's been so much fun learning ever since.  Issue two made me realize that making comics is more then just a process you repeat issue after issue.  Making comics (and keeping your sanity while doing it) is about moving forward, following your passion and interests to that perfect ideal we all hold in our minds.  

I look back at the first issue and every time I'm impressed by how neat and orderly my pen work looked but I've never wanted to go back to it, for this project at least.  I hope the people who read 3rd World feel the same.

-Timothy O'Briant